Shocking Details Revealed On Slay Queen Who Died After Surrendering Child To SangomaThe late Rudo Nyoka, popularly known as Yvette. [Image Credit: H-Metro]

Unbelievable: Broke Slay Queen Gives Up 3-Year-Old To Sangoma To Settle Debt, Dies Soon After

A 23-year-old slay queen from Glen View 7, popularly known as Yvette, met a mysterious death last week, leaving the community in shock. According to sources, Rudo Nyoka died after her belly had ballooned, and there are rumors in her community that she was bewitched by a married woman.

However, H-Metro has uncovered a shocking story of how the slay queen had given her 3-year-old daughter to a local sangoma to settle a US$400 debt.

Slay Queen’s Sangoma Debt

Sources told H-Metro that Rudo was a “slay queen” who dated socialites to make money, but she was broke and owed a sangoma US$400. When she failed to pay, she surrendered her daughter to the sangoma while she looked for the money. However, she couldn’t pay the debt, and her family had to seek contributions from her friends to bury her.

A source said, “Tete vake vakapopota kuti, ‘shuwa kusiya mwana ku n’anga for two months. Hanzi akatadza kubhadhara mari yaidiwa.'” (“Her aunt was shocked that Rudo left her child with a sangoma for two months. She said Rudo couldn’t pay her debt.”)

Living a Life Full of Lies

Another source who attended the funeral revealed that Rudo had lived a life full of lies. “Look at her age, kubatisa mwana yet she was dating prominent guys, but she was not even given anything, she was being used.” The source added that Rudo was under pressure to slay, but she had no money, and when she failed to pay the sangoma, she gave up her daughter.


Slay Queen Surrenders 3-Year-Old Child To Sangoma After Failing To Pay US$400 Debt
The late Rudo Nyoka, popularly known as Yvette. [Image Credit: H-Metro]

Rudo’s Strange Symptoms

The source also revealed that Rudo’s stomach started bulging, and she suspected that she was pregnant, but anenge anga atogadzirwa. She refused to eat and ordered visitors to leave when they came to see her. She then requested someone to write down her problems when she became very sick, but her friends refused and advised her to tell her mother. Rudo told them that she had slept with different married men and that she got seriously ill with stomach pains each time she came from seeing a particular man.

Shocking Ending

Rudo’s death has left her family and community in shock, and her story has raised eyebrows. The fact that a young mother would give up her child to settle a debt is troubling, and it’s a sad reminder of how desperate some people are. Rudo’s case is a cautionary tale, and it’s a reminder that slaying and living a life of lies can have dire consequences.