[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Shocking Police Brutality Exposed: Woman Holding Baby Savagely Attacked By Budiriro Police Offer

A shocking incident occurred in Budiriro, where a woman was brutally attacked by an overzealous police officer while she was carrying her baby on her lap. Sandra Chipango, a 31-year-old mother of four, was assaulted by Constable Fungirai Sasanhira from Budiriro Police Station. The assault took place because Sandra provided the officer with her husband’s surname instead of the one appearing on her national identity document. 

The Woman Attack

Sandra sustained several injuries during the assault, including bruises on both legs. The incident took place in broad daylight, and the cries of Sandra’s two-year-old baby could be heard as Cst Sasanhira used his baton stick to attack her. The assault was witnessed by other police officers who were distracted by the baby’s cries. After the incident, Sandra was given a Request for Medical Report and advised to open a case against Cst Sasanhira. The case is now under investigation under RRB 5559610, reported h-metro.

The Woman’s Ordeal

Sandra narrated her ordeal, expressing her fears that the officer’s baton stick could have hit her baby instead of her legs. She also mentioned that the officer assaulted her for wearing lipstick. He claimed that it was not appropriate to show off her beauty. Sandra suspects that the officer had a hidden agenda or may have been mentally unstable. Cst Sasanhira’s  actions were extreme and unjustified. She further criticized the officer for treating her like an animal and stated that he is cruel, unprofessional, and unfit to be a member of the police force.

Reaction from the neighbourhood

Sandra’s co-tenants, linked to Cst Sasanhira, accused her of abuse, leading to her questioning at the police station. The officer-in-charge failed to help, causing Sandra’s disappointment. Cst Sasanhira even brought Sandra’s sister to the station, assaulted and threatened her.