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Shadaya’s Fiery Response to Zimbabwean Celebs Joining Zanu PF

In response to the ongoing controversy surrounding Zimbabwean celebs joining Zanu PF, socialite Shadaya has publicly expressed his views. The issue came to the forefront during a recent party hosted by the president’s sons, where artists like Holy Ten, Poptain, and Ricky Fire were in attendance, attracting criticism from the public.

Questioning the Decision

The decision of these artists to associate themselves with Zanu PF has raised eyebrows among Zimbabweans, especially considering the prevailing hardships faced by the majority. Many individuals have voiced their concerns and questioned why these celebrities have chosen to align with the political party in such challenging times.

Shadaya’s Perspective on Greed

Shadaya, known for his outspoken nature, did not hold back in his response to the controversy. He believes that those driven by greed will always find ways to justify their actions with unprincipled excuses. According to him, individuals motivated by greed attempt to mask their selfishness by claiming it is for the greater good or that they have no other options.

“The greedy will try to rationalize their greediness either claiming it’s for the greater good or they had no option. But the truth is, this is nothing but an excuse to make their disgusting actions appear noble or praiseworthy,” said Shadaya.

Greed as a Moral Issue

Shadaya further emphasizes that greed is not merely a financial matter but a question of morality. He argues that when one becomes consumed by the love of money, it becomes their ultimate pursuit, and anyone who possesses wealth becomes their master.

“Greed is never a financial issue, but a morality issue. When you love money, it becomes your God & anyone who has it becomes your master. In short you become a slave to greed,” stated Shadaya.

In essence, greed transforms individuals into slaves to their insatiable desires.