Shadaya Gains Overwhelming Support from Women Following Mai Tt's Viral Pictures Debacle[Image Credit: Facebook/Mai T's Diaries & Twitter/Shadaya Knight]

Shadaya Gains Overwhelming Support from Women Following Mai Tt’s Viral Pictures Debacle

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed alpha male, has gained support from women for his recent tweet on Mai Tt’s leaked viral pictures of social media. Shadaya’s tweets are known for warning men about the pitfalls of dating single mothers and advising them on how to handle relationships. While most of his male followers agree with him, females generally disagree with him. However, this time around, women are in agreement with his views on the impact of role models on their lives.

Shadaya’s Tweet

After Mai Tt’s nude pictures were leaked on social media, Shadaya tweeted his thoughts on the matter. He stated,

“This is what happens when you refuse to act your age and grow up. Now we have to not only be ashamed but disgusted, trying not to vomit with pictures and videos of an old woman naked all over social media. At her age, she should be telling stories to her grandkids, but no, she will be doing Facebook or Instagram live, shouting obscenities and cursing everyone. As a mother, you should know how your behavior has a direct impact on your children, especially daughters. Which family in their right sense would want their son marrying into such a family of shameless women?”

Shadaya’s Advice

In his advice to young girls who look up to Mai Tt as a role model, Shadaya cautioned against the dangers of living a promiscuous lifestyle. He warned that it could lead to physical and mental harm, and advised them to seek better role models.

Shadaya Gets Support from Women

Shadaya’s tweet has garnered support from women who agree with his views on the impact of role models on young girls.

Brenda Dube:

Ii yah apa avaudza chokwadi chinekurwadza mukati …I don’t usually support this guy but apa ane point hake.zvimwe hazvichaita

MumKayjay Kristle:

You have gained a follower shadaya

Mai Friday Friday:

Nhasi ndiri kuside kwa shadaya ende ataura chokwadi

Sharon Gopo:

The truth has been spoken. Thanks Shadaya

Dee Dee Fibre:

Kubva zvandakuziya ndochinhu 1 chine musoro chawataura👌

Spelile Dama:

Pataurwa chokwadi apo , ukaona uchipikisawo apo haunzwe chirungu plus uri bishu”

Lindsay Sizinyu:

Learn or perish😎

Agnes Forget Mundieta:

nhasi ndopega pachagona kutaura

Diana S Zhuwaki:

Vashadhaya vakataura

Pamela Jaji:

Today I’m with Shadhaya!!!!!!!

Shilla Machena:

Uchaona the defense forces. Aaaa imi kwanai Ichokwadi ichi. Kubvira ndizive Shadhaya. Nhasi ataura mashoko mazvinu