Scandal at the Bethsaida Apostolic Church: Pastor Attacks Wife to Protect Secret GirlfriendPastor Vusa and Sinikiwe [Image Credit: H-Metro]

Scandal at the Bethsaida Apostolic Church: Pastor Attacks Wife to Protect Secret Girlfriend


Allegations of Domestic Violence

A pastor from the Bethsaida Apostolic Church in Banket has been accused of domestic violence after his wife, Daisy, confronted him about his alleged infidelity with a woman named Sinikiwe Makombe. The incident occurred on April 8, and was reported at Banket Police Station under case number RRB 54542. According to sources, Vusa Mbulayi responded to Daisy’s confrontation by bashing her and leaving her bleeding.

Pastor’s Response to the Allegations

When contacted for comment, Vusa was evasive and aggressive, telling H-Metro, “Sorry my friend, thank you, bye. Who told you about all this? First thing first, who told you?”

Alleged Girlfriend’s Involvement

Sinikiwe did not answer her phone, and efforts to get a comment from Daisy were unsuccessful. However, sources claim that Sinikiwe had been posting pictures of her with Vusa on her WhatsApp status. “The girlfriend is busy posting pictures with Vusa on her status, kuda kusvota the wife,” said a source. “Both of them are boasting that the matter did not go to court.”

Reaction from the Church Community

The incident has shocked members of the Bethsaida Apostolic Church, who expect their pastors to uphold high moral standards. “We are very disappointed to hear about this,” said a church member who wished to remain anonymous. “We expect our pastors to be faithful to their spouses and to set a good example for the congregation.”

Domestic violence is a serious issue in Zimbabwe, and it is important that everyone, including pastors, are held accountable for their actions. The Bethsaida Apostolic Church should investigate this matter thoroughly and take appropriate action to ensure that their pastors are held to the highest standards of behaviour.