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SA-Based Husband Stabs Wife With Knife Over Adultery Allegations Following Surprise Visit

SA-Based husband, Achievement Mandishara (35) stabbed his wife, Shamiso Mbizi (35), three times in the back while they slept after returning from South Africa. Magistrate Mrs. Marehwanazvo denied Mandishara bail, citing an existing arrest warrant from CID Bindura for armed robbery charges in 2020.

Conflicts and Suspicions

According to Herald, prior to Mandishara’s return, he and his wife had been embroiled in conflicts over allegations of infidelity. Informants had allegedly told Mandishara about Mbizi’s extramarital affairs and how her boyfriends frequently dropped her off at their home.

A Vicious Attack

On May 12, around 7 pm, the SA-Based husband requested his wife to face him while they were in bed. He briefly left the bed and returned, placing a knife on the wardrobe without arousing suspicion. Suddenly, he woke up, grabbed Mbizi by the neck, and stabbed her in the back. He demanded that she reveal her alleged boyfriends’ identities. Despite her pleas, Mandishara stabbed her two more times, threatening to kill her unless she confessed.

Desperate Pleas and Aftermath

After intense pleading, Mandishara released Mbizi, who then asked him to use bed sheets to bandage her profusely bleeding wounds. Mandishara arranged for a taxi to take her to a clinic, while Mbizi informed her workplace about the attack. She received treatment at a private clinic in Southerton as recommended by a doctor.

Incriminating Evidence and Arrest

Meanwhile, Mandishara returned home and burned all the blood-stained sheets. However, Mbizi’s mother caught him in the act, leading to a subsequent police report and his arrest.