Romantic Trips With Workmate Exposed: Brothers-in-Law Assault Husband for Exposing Wife's Fake Night Duties[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Romantic Trips With Workmate Exposed: Brothers-in-Law Assault Husband for Exposing Wife’s Fake Night Duties

A husband is fighting for justice after enduring abuse at the hands of his brothers-in-law for exposing his wife’s fake night duties, which enabled her to go on romantic trips with her workmate.

Accusations and Fallout

McDonald Mukosera asserts that his life has turned into a living nightmare since he exposed Patricia’s alleged affair. He accuses his wife of engaging in a romantic relationship with her workmate, which prompted her to enlist the help of her brothers, Richard and Tapiwa Ganga, to assault and insult him.

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Forced Out and Denied Access

McDonald claims that he has been forced out of their shared home and is being denied access to their child. Faced with these challenges, he has taken legal action in pursuit of protection and the right to visitation with his child.

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Living in Fear

Expressing the emotional toll of the situation, McDonald shared his fears. “I am living in fear in the wake of the issues related to the marital challenges we are facing with Patricia. She engaged her brothers, and a group of other men, to deal with me for exposing her shenanigans. Patricia forced me out of the house and is denying me access to our child as well. I was left with no option than seeking justice before the courts of law.”

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Deception Unveiled

Previously, Patricia gained notoriety for her fabricated night duty claims, which allowed her to embark on romantic trips in Ruwa, capturing public attention and scrutiny.

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