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CID Detectives Steal and Share $160,000, Caught in the Act

Two police officers, Addmore Musiza and Tafara Machokoto, both detectives at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), are facing charges of criminal abuse of office after being caught sharing $160,000 that they had confiscated during an investigation. The two officers were investigating a theft case in which a security guard and a debtors’ clerk had allegedly staged a robbery and stolen $158,000 from National Foods.

Admission and Recovery

According to Zimlive, During the investigation, Musiza and Machokoto apprehended the suspects, Edward David Mudowaya and Charlotte Tarisai Munetsi, who later revealed that they had given the stolen money to Susan Jiri for safekeeping. The police officers then recovered the money from Jiri’s hiding spot in a 25-liter bucket in Block 7 B36 Matapi Flats, Mbare, Harare. However, they failed to report the recovery of the cash and did not book it into the exhibit property list.


Rogue CID Detectives Caught Red Handed After Stealing & Sharing US$160 000
[Image by Julita from Pixabay]

Stealing the Evidence

According to prosecutors, the detectives took the suspects to court and falsely indicated that they had not recovered anything from them. The CID Homicide received information about the theft and arrested Musiza and Machokoto, who were found to be in possession of $56,000 and $22,000, respectively. Musiza had buried the money in a maize field about 400 meters from his house, while Machokoto had passed on the money to his aunt in Aspindale.

Legal Proceedings

The two police officers appeared before Harare Magistrate Stanford Mambanje and were remanded in custody for bail application. The case is ongoing, and the officers face charges of criminal abuse of office as public officers. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison.

The actions of these police officers are a blatant violation of the public’s trust and their oath to uphold the law. Such misconduct undermines the integrity of the police force and is a stain on the criminal justice system. As the case progresses, it is important to remember that no one is above the law, and those who abuse their power must be held accountable.