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Robert Mugabe Junior Is Overtaking Chatunga: He Is In Trouble Again

Robert Mugabe Jr, the son of the late great Zimbabwean leader President Robert Mugabe, has found himself embroiled in controversy once again. The young man, known for his lavish parties, was recently arrested due to his tumultuous behaviour at a party over the weekend.

According to reports by The Herald, Robert Junior attended a party and soon found himself in the midst of a skirmish, resulting in damage to vehicles and property at the venue. The hosts of the gathering, as well as those whose possessions were destroyed, immediately reported the issue to the authorities, leading to his detainment at the Avondale Police Station in Harare on 19 February.

Despite his privileged status, Robert Jr has not been immune to scandal. He has become a frequent topic of discussion in Zimbabwean and South African circles for his reputation as a party animal. Along with his younger brother Bellarmine Chatunga, now affectionately known as “Boys Dze Smoko” by some sections of social media, the siblings are famous for throwing extravagant parties both in Zimbabwe and abroad.

In 2022, Robert Jr made headlines when he was caught on video in a heated argument with a young woman named Bertha, who was reportedly demanding payment after their one-night stand. Mugabe’s heir refused to pay up, and the footage quickly went viral on social media. Meanwhile, in 2017, then-First Lady Grace Mugabe caused a stir after she caught Robert Jr and Chatunga partying in their rented Sandton apartment and proceeded to beat a model named Gabriella Engels with an electrical extension cord.

In recent years, since the departure of their father from the presidency in 2017 and his subsequent passing in 2019, Robert Mugabe Jr and Chatunga have toned down their partying ways. However, last year South African slay queen and reality television star Eva Modika implored Chatunga to return to his wild ways, lamenting that the club scene in South Africa was boring without him. She longed for the debauched experiences that included washing hands with champagne. Only time will tell if the Mugabe brothers will heed her call and return to their raucous ways.

By Mandisa