Poverty Stricken Rhodesian Born White Man in Epworth Shares Daily Struggles; Pleads for Help[Image Credit: Kwayedza]

Poverty Stricken Rhodesian Born White Man in Epworth Shares Daily Struggles; Pleads for Help

Petros Roly Muggeridgy, a Rhodesian born white man currently residing in Epworth, has come out in public to seek help. He attributed his struggles in life to his parents’ divorce in 1980, soon after Zimbabwe got its independence.

Divorce Led to Dropping Out of School

Petros narrated that the divorce caused him to drop out of school at Grade 4 level. His father worked at Selous Scout, and his father and grandfather came from Germany running away from war and bought a farm at Beatrice which was sold in 2000. Petros’s father went on to work and stay in South Africa, where he died.

Left in Children’s Home

Petros, his two brothers, and his sister were left at Bulawayo Children’s Home after their mother remarried. Since his mom couldn’t take her four kids with her to her new home, Petros and his siblings left the children’s home and wandered around. His elder brother, Paul, died in New Zealand. Petros’s sister got married in the UK, and he hasn’t heard from her in a while. Later, Petros came to Harare and stayed at Mathew Rusike children’s home. In 1987, Petros started living in Epworth and attempted to study motor mechanics but failed the trade test due to writing challenges.

Marriage and Family

Petros got married to Charmaine Hellena Bronchos and had four children together before she was killed by a drunkard in 2020. Before his wife died, they managed to buy a stand for US$2000 and built their shack in Epworth. Petros goes on to narrate that his daughter Storm John Margarate committed suicide in their toilet for an unknown reason.

[Image Credit: Kwayedza]

Appeal for Help

Now he is left with three kids, Alex, Annalee, and Kenneth. Annalee is currently staying with her aunt in Hillside while he is staying with Alex. Alex(19) is a grade 6 dropout, and Petros is appealing for help from Zimbabweans who are garage owners to assist him with a job so that he can take care of his family.