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Popular DJ Tinashe Chikuse Resigns from ZBC After 20 Years

After serving the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) for 20 years, popular DJ Tinashe Chikuse has resigned from his position. Chikuse’s resignation came amid controversy surrounding the cancellation of the Champions League breakfast show and his alleged suspension with co-host Pathisani Sibanda last year. The management of the state broadcaster introduced new hosts for The Morning Drive show, which resulted in an alleged boycott of the radio station by their legion of followers.

In a very long letter posted on his Facebook page, Chikuse bid farewell to his fans and announced his resignation effective April 3, 2023. He thanked his fans and the radio station for the opportunities that radio broadcasting has given him. He said, “It’s a fact, radio changed my life. It took me from being a dreamer to being a brand.”

Chikuse began his broadcasting career as a reporter for the Sunday Mail and later joined ZBC as a production assistant in the current affairs department in 2003. He had the privilege of working on the station’s flagship shows such as Media Watch, Talking Farming, Toringepi, and Face the Nation. He hosted the breakfast show at SFM (now Classic 263) in 2005 before moving to Power FM.

Chikuse expressed gratitude for the support he received throughout his career and reflected on his achievements. He won the NJAMA Best RadioDJ of the year in 2006 while at SFM. Chikuse revealed that he was taking time off to figure out his next move as he digested the change.

Controversy Surrounding Chikuse’s Departure from ZBC

Chikuse’s departure from ZBC has raised questions about the reasons behind his resignation. His departure came amidst the cancellation of the Champions League breakfast show and his alleged suspension with co-host Pathisani Sibanda last year. The introduction of new hosts for The Morning Drive show resulted in the alleged boycott of the radio station by their legion of followers.

Chikuse’s departure has sparked a reaction from his fans and followers, with many expressing their disappointment and calling for his reinstatement.

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DJ Tinashe Chikuse’s Long Farewell Letter To His Fans


Writing this has made me to cry felt emotional and in pain …I will always love you all! My letter took time to be at 💯 but I say I don’t want to go ahead of God but to follow his plans …
I shall call this letter:
Dear Tinashe Chikuse Fans!
I been meaning to write to you for a long time but getting myself to do so has been one of the most trying and lengthiest decisions of my life. It’s not that couldn’t but I find myself in an awkward position, I would have preferred to talk rather than write but I find myself distanced from the microphone and worlds apart from my legions of radio fans, I guess for now all I can do is write.
Well, for those that might have been wondering, its indeed true, it’s not a sabbatical but sadly it’s the end. Primarily, this letter serves to notify my fans that I resigned from my duties at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), effective the 3rd of April, 2023. It marks an end to a devoted and ardent 20 years of service. I must confess its shattering but I guess when one door shuts another opens or should I say, when one microphones switches off…another might just switch on. I never imagined the end because something in me so believed that our journey would last till eternity but I guess the myth is true after all, ‘people indeed meet to part ‘and in the same measure it’s my impassioned supplication that just as the myth goes, as we now part, hopefully we meet again. I find myself lost in thoughts, recollecting on past experiences. I must put it on record that I am forever grateful for the chance that I was accorded by the national broadcaster, ZBC.
They took a chance with a young me and that was to be the beginning of a journey that we celebrate today as the brand Tinashe Chikuse.
In Journalism, I found a worthy religion and in radio, I found my first love and I have been blessed to do what I love day in day out. My journey in the craft started at the Sunday Mail as a reporter then I joined the ZBC as a production assistant in the current affairs department in 2003. In the discharge of my duties, I was privileged to work on the stations flagship shows like the Media Watch, Talking Farming, Toringepi and Face the Nation to mention but a few. Along the way, I have met many men and women that have had a huge impact on my life. I cannot name them all but I salute you all for being part of my story. My journey in radio ‘literally started in the morning’ at SFM (now Classic 263) as the host on the breakfast show in 2005, an experience that I will forever cherish. I vividly remember researching on the riddles that quickly became a fans favourite before I was moved to Power FM. It is at SFM that I bagged my first accolade after winning the NJAMA Best RadioDJ of the year in 2006.
It’s a fact, radio changed my life. It took me from being a dreamer to being a brand. My journey has been filled with a million thrills, I managed to experience the warmth and hospitality of Cairo, Egypt in 2016, all thanks to radio. I will never forget the many trips, calls, interviews and activations at both SFM and Power FM. Today I stand proud that one day, even after the feared justice of death, my name will be written amongst the notable broadcasters of this land. I have had many highlights on radio, too many to mention but I hold one so dearly, I will never forget calling the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellence President Emmerson Mnangagwa live on air the first in the history of radio just to wish him happy birthday in 2021, I still wonder how we pulled it off. I will also never forget how viral the Champions League Breakfast show hosted by me and my brother Pathisani Sibanda went in short space of time but little did I knew; it was the beginning of the END. The more I reflect on these memories, the more my heart sinks, I shiver and wonder what life will be without radio and all my fans, indeed a huge part of me is gone. Life might never be the same again !
To the ZBC staff and management over the years, I struggle to find words that can express how appreciative I am, your gamble turned a fresh from college journalism enthusiast into a seasoned scribe and broadcaster. Without ZBC, there was never going to be Tinashe Chikuse, all I can say is I SALUTE YOU.
To the many friends I have made along my journey, friends from the media fraternity, Chitungwiza, Raylton Sports Club, Hustlers 11 Football club, my class mates at the Zimbabwe Open University and many more, the list is endless…I THANK YOU!
To all my fans, this is to me is the unthinkable, I never imagined waving you goodbye and announcing an end to love story that I would rather not end. Kenny Rodgers sings in the song Goodbye.
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‘…I wanted you for life, you and me in the wind
I never thought there’d come a time that our story would end
It’s hard to understand but I guess I’ll have to try
.. For all the joy we share, all that time we had to spend
Now if I had one wish, I’d want forever back again
It’s not easy to say goodbye…!’.
Indeed, It’s sad to say goodbye, I truly hope we meet again if God permits. My story is incomplete without all my fans, you are special and I wish you all the best. I struggle to describe my gratitude. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
To my family, my mother, my lovely daughter TJ, brothers, sisters and the Chikuse Royal family at large. Thank you for the support. In you I have a strong grounding, I can always count on you in good and bad time.
As I ponder my next move and in the midst of pain, I’m reassured by the lyrics in my famous signature track, that is Marshal Munhumumwe’s Ndibvumbamireiwo.
To me it’s not just a song, it’s a prayer, a cry to the creator to be with me always……
Dear Lord, Ndibvumbamireiwo!
In all this I see light at the end of the tunnel, I see another opportunity maybe another microphone …I am confident we will have another dance All in God’s time.
Yours truly
Tinashe Chikuse