Polygamist Father from Mvurwi Kills Seven-Year-Old Daughter for Wetting Herself[Image Credit: iStock]

Polygamist Father from Mvurwi Kills Seven-Year-Old Daughter for Wetting Herself

A 29-year-old polygamist father from Mvurwi has fatally assaulted his seven-year-old daughter for soiling herself before threatening his four wives into silence. The minor, Laina John, was first assaulted on July 10 with a wooden stick and wire. Got assaulted again on July 18 with a metal rod before succumbing to the injuries on July 19.

Secret burial

Father Tinashe John planned a secret burial of his daughter at Forester D Farm in Mvurwi before the police received a tip-off. Provincial police spokesperson Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha confirmed the case, reported herald. Sergeant said that Laina was assaulted by her father after she messed herself on July 10. The minor started complaining of chest pains, which went ignored.

The Assault

On July 18, John’s fourth wife, Tanyaradzwa Tembo, reported that Laina had wet herself to her father. This prompted John to take a 50-centimetre-long metal rod and assault Laina all over her body. The minor suffered a fractured left armswollen buttocks, and back.

Laina groaned in pain throughout the night until she died on July 19 at around 8 am in the dining room. After discovering that his daughter had passed away, John threatened his wives not to reveal details of his ill-treatment of Laina. A secret burial was arranged. The body was ferried in a scotch cart to Forester D Farm, where the grandparents live.

On July 20 at around 3 pm, Mvurwi police received a tip that led to the recovery of Laina’s body at the farm. The body was conveyed to Mvurwi Hospital and awaits a post-mortem. The police have since arrested John and charged him with murder. His four wives have also been taken into police custody for withholding information.