The Nyamukafata FamilyImage Credit-Manicapost

Nyanga Man Seeks Help to Find Traditional Healer Behind Troublesome Goblins

A Nyanga man is appealing for assistance in locating the traditional healer who sold him goblins that are now causing distress to his grandchildren and livestock. The situation has reached the courts, with the grandchildren accusing their grandfather, John Nyamukafata, of possessing sex-starved goblins that are terrorizing them.

Seeking Help to Locate the Traditional Healer

“When I acquired the small bottle, little did I know that it will eventually turn into goblins,” said John Nyamukafata, who pleaded for help to find Saize Mutamba, the traditional healer responsible for selling him the unnatural beings.

Nyamukafata’s Account

“I did not know that I had acquired goblins from Mutamba. I only wanted luck charms as I was looking for a job in Harare,” explained Nyamukafata as reported by Manicapost. He expressed regret over a mistake he made during his youthful days and his desire to correct it.

The Troublesome Goblins

“My children and grandchildren are now complaining that I possess goblins that are tormenting them,” stated Nyamukafata. His grandson, Biggie, and granddaughters, Nyasha and Princess, have been sexually terrorized by the goblins.

The Elusive Traditional Healer

“I have been looking for Mutamba everywhere, but have failed to locate him,” said Nyamukafata. He appealed to anyone who might know Mutamba’s whereabouts to help him because his family is suffering. Nyamukafata pleaded, “Please help me because my children and grandchildren all despise me.”

Accusations from Family Members

“We have lost all respect for him as our father because all along, he was refusing to shoulder the blame for the family’s suffering,” said Nyamukafata’s son, Praise. The goblins have also been pestering their wives and milking their cows.

Goblins Demands

“I am tired of possessing Nyasha, I want a new wife,” claimed Paradzai, a goblin that manifested during the court session. It demanded to be moved to a younger grandchild and requested four beasts as compensation for ruining Nyasha’s four marriages.

John’s Plea

John Nyamukafata’s plea for assistance in locating the traditional healer responsible for the troublesome goblins highlights the distress faced by his family. The accusations made by his grandchildren and the impact on their livestock have led to court involvement. The goblins’ tormenting behavior continues to affect the family, prompting Nyamukafata to seek help in resolving the situation.