Marry Mubaiwa's "Murder Attempt"Mary Mubaiwa x VP Chiwenga [image; Newsday]

Nurse Spills The Beans On Marry Mubaiwa’s “Murder Attempt” On VP Chiwenga 

The ongoing trial of Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, has taken a dramatic turn after Warren Sibanda, a Presidential Guard nurse, testified against her in court.

According to state media, Sibanda’s testimony indicated that Mubaiwa employed tactics to delay the golden hours Chiwenga required to receive medical attention.

“MARRY Mubaiwa diverted the entourage that accompanied Vice President Constantino Chiwenga to seek medical attention in South Africa to a hotel instead of going straight to the hospital upon their arrival. Mubaiwa allegedly instructed the security team accompanying VP Chiwenga to South Africa that he wanted to rest before taking him to the hospital. It then took the security team to use force to take him out of the hotel on the night of the following day.”

Sibanda also alleged that Mubaiwa shouted at everyone present when they took Chiwenga to the hospital and reportedly arrived at the hospital at odd times, ordering security staff to leave. He claimed that Mubaiwa allegedly brought her own doctor to attend to Chiwenga, who was already being treated by medical professionals until a day an altercation erupted with the security team and the two (Mubaiwa and the doctor) were banned from private visits.

Marry Mubaiwa's "Murder Attempt"
Mary Mubaiwa x VP Chiwenga [image; Newsday]
Sibanda’s testimony provides new details in the case against Mubaiwa, who has been accused of attempting to kill her husband. The trial has been postponed until March 13 to allow for cross examination of the witness.

The case has attracted widespread attention, given Chiwenga’s high profile and the allegations of attempted murder against his ex-wife. The outcome of the trial is eagerly anticipated and could have significant political interpretations in Zimbabwe.

Marry Mubaiwa’s “Murder Attempt”

By Mandisa