Mwonzora's Campaign Hit by Online Backlash Over Bodyguard's Shady Behavior![Image Credit: Twitter]

Mwonzora’s Campaign Hit by Online Backlash Over Bodyguard’s Shady Behavior!

Senator Douglous Mwonzora’s campaign has been hit by online backlash over bodyguard’s distressed look while his boss addressed supporters.

[Image Credit: Twitter]

Defections from MDC-Alliance to Zanu PF

Mwonzora, the MDC presidential candidate, has recently been in the news as ten outgoing MDC-Alliance legislators defected to the ruling party, Zanu PF. The defectors cited Mwonzora’s poor leadership qualities and failure to pay nomination court fees for his MPs as reasons for their departure.

During a press conference, four out of the ten proportional representation MPs led by Lindiwe Maphosa from Matabeleland province met with Zanu PF Secretary General Obert Mpofu and national political commissar Mike Bimha on Tuesday.

Maphosa accused Mwonzora of turning MDC-Alliance into a burial society reported NewZimbabwe. She said that the parties have been turned into student activism without any vision. Lindiwe added that even the way they conducted their primary elections showed that they were not ready to lead the country.

Zanu PF welcomes defectors

Bimha welcomed the defectors and promised to work with them during the current campaign rallies. The event comes at a time when the President is campaigning in preparation for the August 23, 2023 elections.

Mpofu added that in Zanu PF, the defectors were welcome. He continued and said they would be given the same treatment as any other member of the party.


The picture of Mwonzora’s bodyguard has sparked online abuse, reflecting the political tension in the country. Meanwhile, MDC-Alliance is grappling with a leadership crisis as more of its members defect to the ruling party. The defections could potentially weaken MDC-Alliance’s chances of winning the upcoming elections.

Reaction From Netizens


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