Mjolo Drama Turns Violent: Husband and Mistress Team Up to Attack Defenseless Wife![Image Credit: H-Metro]

Mjolo Drama Turns Violent: Husband and Mistress Team Up to Attack Defenseless Wife!

A Dzivarasekwa woman has been granted peace order against her husband’s mistress, Ester Mkandla. Patience Chipo Muchakanji, the wife was also granted a protection order against her husband Kundai Shirichena. Kundai and Esther teamed up to assault Patience near the gate of their residence, resulting in head injuries.

During the hearing, Kundai admitted to having an affair with Esther and lying to his wife about their separation. He also revealed that Patience had chased him away from home after finding out about the affair.

“Esther is my girlfriend and I lied to my wife that we separated and her testimony is true that I slapped her. My wife chased me from home after she found out that I was dating Esther,” stated Kundai

Mistress denying the Allegations

Esther denied Patience’s allegations and argued that Patience was the one who came to her house to insult and assault her. She stated that Patience calls and texts her, telling her to leave Kundai alone, reported hmetro.

“I am disputing her application, she is the one who calls, texts and insults me saying I should leave her husband alone,” said Easter. “She found me standing with my boyfriend, who is her husband, at the gate and we fought until Kundai helped me to fight her.”

The magistrate, Sharon Mashavira, granted Patience a protection order against her husband and a peace order against Esther, warning them of legal action in case of any violation of the orders.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can cause physical and emotional harm, and in some cases, even death. It is crucial to seek help and support in such situations to ensure personal safety and well-being. Victims of domestic violence have rights and protection under the law, and it is important to know them. Organizations that assist victims of domestic violence are available, and they provide support and guidance. It is essential to seek help and support in situations of domestic violence.