Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice  Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice 

Man Killed For Refusing To Buy Beer For Colleagues

Tragedy struck a village in Lower Gweru, Midlands province, last week when a bitter argument between two drinking partners ended in the death of one.

Thembalani Tshuma (29) was enjoying a few drinks with his friend Nkosentsha Mkhize at Ntabamhlophe Bottle Store when a heated altercation ensued. Witnesses say the quarrel quickly escalated into a physical altercation, with Mkhize ultimately picking up a heavy log and striking Tshuma with it. Despite the victim’s cries for help, no one came to his aid, and he died instantly from the brutal attack.

The incident was promptly reported to the police, and Mkhize was swiftly apprehended. He now faces charges of murder, a sobering reminder of the catastrophic consequences that can result from violent outbursts.

Man Killed For Refusing To Buy Beer For Colleagues
Man Killed For Refusing To Buy Beer For Colleagues

In a similar incident, Aram Dube (37) from Gokwe North was brutally assaulted by two men after he refused to buy them beer. The assailants, known only as Abraham and Thembelani, allegedly became enraged when Dube refused to acquiesce to their demands, leading to a vicious physical altercation. The altercation ended with Dube being kicked, punched, and stabbed, leaving him in critical condition. He was rushed to Gokwe District Hospital, where he remains under close observation.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed both incidents and urged the public to seek peaceful solutions to disputes. He cautioned against resorting to violence, emphasizing that even minor conflicts can escalate rapidly and result in irreparable harm.

In another case, New Zimbabwe reports that three people have been arrested in Harare for attempted murder. Kumbirai Philemon Zengeya (54), Tsitsi Sadomba (44), and Timothy Zengeya (23) are accused of assaulting Sharon Chirima (30) with iron bars, ropes, and fists. The victim was also burned with wood after being accused of stealing US$500. Kumbirai Zengeya allegedly forced Chirima to drink an unknown substance before Tsitsi Sadomba inserted her fingers into the victim’s private parts.

By Mandisa