[Image Credit: Facebook/Mai T's Diary]

Mai TT Faces Prison Time: State Argue Against Community Service


In a shocking turn of events, popular socialite and comedienne Felistas Murata, widely known as Mai TT, finds herself facing the possibility of a prison sentence rather than community service. The State has argued against the suitability of community service for Mai TT, citing the need to verify her previous convictions. These revelations came to light during her sentencing hearing for theft of trust property.

Previous Convictions Under Scrutiny

Prosecutor Monalisa Magwenzi raised concerns about Mai TT’s eligibility for community service, stating, “It looks like she has previous convictions.” Magwenzi further highlighted that Mai TT had allegedly defaulted on community service related to an assault case. However, the defence lawyer expressed surprise at these submissions, as the State had previously indicated that she had no known records.

Verifying Convictions and Sentencing

Magistrate Munashe Chibanda has granted additional time to the community service department to verify Mai TT’s previous convictions. The court considers this information crucial in determining the appropriate sentence. Consequently, Mai TT’s fate remains uncertain as she awaits her sentencing, being held in custody until tomorrow.


[Image Credit: Facebook/Mai T’s Diaries]

The Car Theft Case Unveiled

The case revolves around an incident in which Mai TT hired an Audi Q5 from Liberty Kudakwashe Vazhura at Else Car Rental. The agreement stipulated weekly payments of US$770, which she failed to honor, leading to her becoming evasive. She subsequently transferred the car to Rachel Mhuka, who had lent her US$10,000 for a business venture without informing Vazhura.

Later, Mai TT replaced the car with an invalid passport as surety, resulting in a confrontation with Mhuka upon realizing the passport’s invalidity. Eventually, the car was returned to Vazhura after it was seized by the police, who acted upon Vazhura’s report of theft.

The Severity of Charges

The magistrate described the case as a “classic case of theft of trust property,” highlighting the severity of the charges faced by Mai TT. The recovered car has a value of US$18,000.


Uncertain Future

The outcome of this trial has captured the attention of the public, as Mai TT’s future hangs in the balance. Will she be sentenced to prison, or will she be granted an alternative punishment? Only time will tell as the court weighs the evidence and considers her previous convictions.