Mai Titi Embroiled In Another Public Spat With Old LoverMai Titi x Nigerian Ex-Husband [Image: Facebook/Mai Ts Diaries]

Mai Titi Embroiled In Another Public Spat With Old Lover

Drama between Harare-based social media personality Felistas Murata, better known as Mai Titi, and her ex-husband Charles Obina Ugwa is the latest public feud to grip the internet.

Hell broke loose when Obina chose to air his grievances with Mai Titi publicly, sharing old photos of their time together on social media. He accused her of being ashamed of his modest living conditions, writing;

“She never wanted me to take any pictures in my one-room apartment because of her status. She said, and I quote, “Baby, the reason I always want to stay in a hotel whenever I come visiting you is very simple… I can’t be seen coming out of such a place.”



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Mai Titi, who, for a year, was married to Obina, a Nigerian man, then retorted, saying she had gone to great lengths to help Obina improve his life, even selling her car to support him, but ultimately realized that her efforts were in vain, and she left him.

“I found him living in a mukuku claiming he lost all his property to his wife, and because I didn’t care about what he lost, I left my beautiful white home and my beautiful white bedding, went to meet him in his mukuku, slept on his stinking blankets, ate what he ate because I loved him.

“Later on gave a good life, changed him, bought him clothes, took him to expensive hotels, sold my brand new car to help him, all this to show true love. I’m typing from England whilst you make noise from mukuku. I beg you no go chop breakfast?? Make noise all you can. It won’t bring back anything. I’m now very ashamed to even think I gave you a chance in my heart.”

By Mandisa