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Mabvuku Taxi Driver Stripped, Robbed and Abandoned

A taxi driver fell victim to violent robbery orchestrated by Godspower Shave as he was stripped, robbed and abandoned in Mabvuku. Shave (34) has now been remanded in custody pending further investigations.

Violent Robbery Unfolds

Shave and his two unidentified accomplices reportedly hired a taxi late at night with sinister intentions. They requested to be taken to Mabvuku, but little did the unsuspecting driver know the danger that awaited him.

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Taxi Driver Attacked and Abandoned

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According to the prosecution, the incident occurred at the corner of Robert Mugabe Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way. As they reached the Chizhanje area, the trio seized the driver, threatening him with an Okapi knife. In a terrifying turn of events, they stripped him naked, bound his hands and legs with shoelaces, and left him in a secluded, bushy area in Mabvuku.

Arrest Made, Accomplices at Large

The victim wasted no time in reporting the crime to the Mabvuku Police Station, prompting immediate action from the authorities. Detectives on patrol intercepted Godspower Shave driving the stolen taxi at Highglen shops. They swiftly apprehended Shave, but unfortunately, his two accomplices managed to escape during a pursuit. The police are actively pursuing them.

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Harare Men Appear in Court on Murder Charge

In a separate and equally distressing incident, Teddy Munofukutwa (35) and Tellmore Chimasula (30) found themselves in court facing a murder charge. The two men appeared before Harare magistrate Apolonia Marutya, who advised them to seek bail at the High Court.

Tragic Turn of Events

The State alleges that Munofukutwa and Chimasula were involved in a violent confrontation that led to the tragic death of an individual. Inside a house, the two men reportedly pushed the victim onto dinner plates. Although the victim attempted to leave, Munofukutwa and Chimasula pursued him, ultimately pushing him against a precast wall. Tragically, the victim fell and sustained a severe cut on his forehead, which proved fatal. He passed away in the hospital on November 26.

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Arrests Made in Connection with the Incident

Authorities took swift action, apprehending Teddy Munofukutwa and Tellmore Chimasula on December 6. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death continues, and the accused have been advised to seek bail at the High Court.