Loveless for 19 Years: Kuwadazana Woman's Confession on Marriage without Intimacy Goes Viral[Image Credit: Adope Stock]

Loveless for 19 Years: Kambuzuma Woman’s Confession on Marriage without Intimacy Goes Viral

Idah Ndlovu, a woman from Kambuzuma, revealed to the Harare Civil Court that she has been in a marriage without intimacy with her husband for the past 19 years. The couple has been together for 23 years. She was granted a protection order after accusing her husband of verbal and physical abuse.

Abuse and Insults

Idah Ndlovu informed the court that she could no longer bear the assault and insults by her husband, Tyndale Kurima. She pleaded with the court to grant an eviction order against Tyndale from the house they are currently renting, stating that their relationship was over.

“We have been together for 23 years, and he never paid anything to my family. I no longer love him,” stated Idah. “We haven’t had sex for 19 years. All he does is spend my money and refuses to be dumped.”

Denial and Accusations

Tyndale denied the allegations, stating that there were a lot of issues troubling their relationship. He accused Idah of provoking him, saying she spills his beer at a business centre in Kambuzuma, embarrassing him in front of people.

“She insults my mother, accusing her of witchcraft and doesn’t allow our kids to visit my relatives,” stated Tyndale.

Protection Order Granted

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the protection order and dismissed the eviction order. The court had no jurisdiction to evict a spouse from a shared premise, reported hmetro. Tyndale must abide by the terms of the protection order as he awaits the eviction summons.

Lack of Payment and Cheating Suspicions

Idah stated that Tyndale never paid anything to her family during their 23-year marriage. She also claimed that Tyndale suspected her of cheating on him as he worked in Gweru. Tyndale suspected that she was unfaithful as she brought him to court.

“I paid lobola for her and I suspect she’s cheating on me since I work in Gweru, that’s why she has brought me here,” Tyndale said.


The case highlights the need for couples to seek help when their relationship hits a rough patch.