Justice on Hold? Zimdancehall Star Blot Stuck in Jail As Key Evidence Goes Missing[Image Credit: Blot GNG Facebook]

Justice on Hold? Zimdancehall Star Blot Stuck in Jail As Key Evidence Goes Missing

Zimdancehall artist Takura Chiwoniso, popularly known as Blot, will remain in remand prison after the State once again failed to secure a forensic report. The report is required to ascertain whether Blot was in possession of crystal meth, an allegation he has denied.

On Friday, Blot appeared in court for the third time since his arrest on June 14, reported hmetro. However, the State was unable to provide the much-needed forensic report. As a result, Blot’s trial failed to commence again, and he will remain in remand prison until his next court appearance on July 21.

Blot’s Case Background

Blot was arrested after the police received a tip-off that he was taking crystal meth in his parked car in Sunningdale. Since then, Blot has been in custody for close to a month. His legal team had made an application for his removal from remand on the basis that the State had failed to provide the forensic report three times.

Blot’s lawyer, Stanley Mutandadzi, argued that his client’s right to liberty continues to be infringed. Stanley insists that there is a possibility that the results may come out negative. The State suffers no prejudice by having him removed from remand. Mutandadzi further stated that the State doesn’t even know when the results will come out, leaving Blot in custody indefinitely.


Blot’s case has raised concerns about the justice system‘s efficiency in Zimbabwe. The State’s failure to provide the forensic report has resulted in Blot spending more time in remand prison than necessary, which has implications for his mental and physical health. It is also a violation of his right to a speedy trial.


Blot’s legal team continues to push for his release from remand. They are citing the State’s failure to produce the forensic report as a reason for his continued detention. For now, the artist will have to wait until July 21 to learn his fate.