Zimbabwean Millionaire Nigel Chanakira Attends Court in Solidarity with Former CCC Senator Jameson Timba

Jameson Timba and His 79 CCC Activists Appear in Court After ZRP Police Clash

The injured Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) faction members, along with their leader Jameson Timba, are appearing in court today following ZRP Police clash. The 80 party activists were remanded to prison following their arrest on Sunday for allegedly conducting an unsanctioned gathering at their leader’s house.

CCC Activists Challenge Charges, Allege Police Brutality

injured ccc activist at court

The CCC activists have challenged their placement on remand. They are claiming that they were charged with disorderly conduct and participating in an unlawful gathering. Some of the suspects reportedly had visible injuries, alleging assault by the police.

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Lawyers Argue for Immediate Release

When the activists appeared before Harare Magistrate Ruth Moyo, their legal team, led by Jeremiah Bamu, challenged the court appearance. They argued that the police had detained the suspects beyond the 48-hour period prescribed by law.

“Our clients were arrested at 2PM on Sunday and they are only appearing at 3:20PM, which means they were detained beyond the allowed period. They have exceeded 48 hours,” Bamu told the court.

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Legal Debate Over Detention Period

The State, represented by Thomas Chanakira, opposed the application. They claimed that the suspects were brought to court at 11AM before the 48-hour limit had lapsed. However, Bamu argued that the law requires appearance before a judicial officer, not just in the court premises. Magistrate Moyo has reserved her ruling on the matter until today.

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Concerning Allegations of Police Brutality

The court also ordered the release of one of the suspects who is a minor. It also directed the state to ensure that the injured suspects receive medical treatment. These allegations of police brutality against the activists have added to the growing concerns over the crackdown on the opposition party.