Jah Prayzah Sings Different Tune To Winky D: No Cash Needed For International Collabs

Jah Prayzah Sings Different Tune To Winky D: No Cash Needed For International Collabs

During an interview with Dj Ollah, Jah Prayzah contrasts Winky D’s earlier statement by revealing that he does not pay international artists when collaborating with them.

Natural Collaborations

Jah Prayzah narrated how he did his first international collaboration with Platinum Diamond. He stated that it happened naturally without too much hassle. Jah Prayzah explained that he sent Platinum Diamond his song ‘Hello’ and he responded suggesting a collab. That is how ‘Watora Mari’ was made, a song that opened more doors to international collaborations. He also stated that all his collaborations came out because of his good public relations.

Jah Prayzah has collaborated with several artists, both locally and internationally, such as Baba Harare, Felly Nandi, Amara Brown, Davido, Platinum Diamond, Mafikizoko, Jah Cure, and others. He stated that collaborating with international artists helped him get more subscribers. It also helps him to get recognized by fans of his fellow artists that he collaborated with.

No Money Involved

Jah Prayzah also revealed that he has never paid a single cent to any of the artists he has collaborated with. He said that he only invests studio money if they use another studio that is not his own. Jah Prayzah clarified that most of the money invested in a collaboration goes to the director for video shooting.

Contrasting Opinion

While Jah Prayzah’s approach to collaborations is rooted in chemistry and natural connections, not all artists share the same sentiment. Winky D, in a previous interview, expressed his reservations about the financial implications of international collaborations. He stated that collaborations with international artists are costly. It requires around USD 20,000 for the collaboration alone and another 15 to 20,000 USD for the video.¬†Winky D emphasized the need for careful consideration, as these expenses can strain the financial stability of local artists.

Jah Prayzah’s Response on Local Collaborations

Jah Prayzah’s approach to collaborations prioritizes natural chemistry, good public relations, and not financial gain. He believes that collaborations should happen organically and not be driven by money. Jah Prayzah does not charge any fee to collaborate with anyone and prefers working with artists he has a connection with.

Future Collaboration With Winky D

When asked if he would collaborate with Winky D, Jah Prayzah stated that it’s just a matter of time and if it’s meant to be, it will happen naturally without anyone pushing for it. Jah Prayzah’s approach to collaborations is a refreshing take on the music industry, emphasizing the importance of relationships and natural chemistry, rather than commercial gain.