Jah Prayzah Certified Zimbabwe's Biggest ArtistJah Prayzah Certified Zimbabwe's Biggest Artist [image; Jah Prayzah Facebook]

Jah Prayzah Certified Zimbabwe’s Biggest Artist As His Home Rival Clashes Heads With Holy Ten On The Local Scene

The country’s best export, Jah Prayzah continues to get international nods, and the latest in the bag is a cover of his song Mukwasha by international TikTok star Karaliazus.

Karaliazus, who is a journalist and also on a quest to be in the Guinness Book of Records for covering at least one song from each country in the world, picked Jah Prayzah’s Mukwasha as Zimbabwe’s cover song.

To date, he has done 100 covers from 100 countries, Zimbabwe being the latest.

Check out his cover here.

His cover sent Zimbabwean TikTokers into overdrive, with many commending his good Shona pronunciation.


you should come live in Zim you sing Shona better than me


Respect, this made me smile, and I found this while drunk, you can image


We will adopt you come to Zim I like you did well as Zimbabweans we approve

Meanwhile, Jah Prayzah’s home rival is at loggerheads with Hip Hop musician Holy Ten.

Holy Ten denounced Winky D and called him a serpent for tricking him on their collaborated song Ibotso.

Speaking to a podcaster, Ten said,

The man you are talking about (Winky D) is a snake longer than his dreadlocks. But even the serpent did not force the apple, which became a global disaster, into Eve’s mouth.  

The serpent spoke and Eve made a decision. So in this case, I’m Eve. I would have never done a song with Winky Gee, that’s me avoiding to be sued. I’m not stupid, I have done law and we signed contracts. 

His utterances have shot him to the top of social media trends list, with Winky D loyalists blasting him, while others have alluded that it is just showbiz and Winky D is not God that he should not be touched.

By Mandisa