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Husband Arrested for Cyberbullying Wife and Sharing Intimate Messages with Family

A marital dispute turned into a cyberbullying nightmare for a Zimbabwean woman, Sherees Chitowa, after her husband, Lloyd Kudzai Mushinye, discovered that she was having an intimate chat with her ex-lover on WhatsApp. The husband allegedly assaulted his wife, leaked the intimate messages to her relatives and friends, and later damaged her phone.

Mushinye was later arrested for cyberbullying, among a litany of charges.


Discovery of Intimate Chats

According to The Herald, Mushinye and Chitowa were sleeping in their matrimonial bedroom when Mushinye saw his wife chatting on her phone and smiling.

He snatched her phone and started scrolling through her WhatsApp chat history, where he discovered that his wife was having an intimate chat with her ex-boyfriend.

According to the prosecution, Mushinye hid Chitowa’s phone in the car. In retaliation, Chitowa took Mushinye’s phone and refused to return it unless she got hers back first.

Husband's Revenge: Man Arrested For Cyberbulling After Leaking Wife's Naughty Messages With Ex-Boyfriend To Whole Family
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Cyberbullying and Harassment

Mushinye allegedly threatened to send the messages to Chitowa’s relatives and friends and pulled her off the bed and dragged her when she refused to give him back his phone.

Later that day, Mushinye took advantage of his wife’s phone and posted the intimate messages his wife was having with her ex-boyfriend to her parents, relatives, and friends.

Her friends and family confronted Chitowa about the messages, and she later packed her belongings and left the matrimonial home.

Husband Facing Legal Action Over Leaking Wife Messages

Mushinye appeared before a Harare Magistrate, Mr. Dennis Mangosi, charged with physical abuse, cyberbullying, harassment, and malicious damage to property.

He was accused of using an unknown object to damage Chitowa’s Huawei P40 Lite cell phone. The value of the damaged phone was $100, and nothing was recovered.

According to the prosecution, Mushinye also locked Chitowa inside the house and refused to give her back her phone, laptop, and other belongings.

Mushinye denied the charges and claimed that he had found the messages on his wife’s phone by accident.

The case is ongoing.