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Horror At Fife Avenue: Woman Stabbed by Ex-Husband In Broad Daylight

In a distressing incident that unfolded at Five Avenues, Ex-Husband Evans Chinganga stabbed Bernadette Rufaro Chimudzi ruthlessly causing her severe injury and leaving her in immediate need of medical attention.

Determined Victim Seeks Medical Help Despite Deep Wound

Showing incredible resilience, Bernadette managed to gather her strength and drive herself to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, where she received immediate medical attention and was promptly admitted for further treatment. Her determination to seek help underscores the severity of the attack.

Culprit Escapes Capture Amid Chaotic Scene

The shocking incident unfolded on May 16 at Five Avenue Shopping Centre, drawing the attention of a large crowd that had gathered due to the confrontation between the former spouses. In the chaos, Evans managed to exploit the confusion and successfully evade capture, leaving authorities seeking information on his whereabouts.

Call for Justice and Awareness in the Face of Gender-Based Violence

Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova, Harare provincial police deputy spokesperson, made a public appeal for any information that could assist in the arrest of Evans. According to H-Metro Assistant Inspector said, “During the misunderstanding, the accused person produced an unknown sharp object and stabbed the complainant once in the stomach and fled.”

This distressing incident serves as a stark reminder of the widespread prevalence of gender-based violence, a deeply concerning issue that plagues communities worldwide. In its wake, there has been a renewed outcry for stricter penalties and amplified awareness campaigns aimed at addressing the underlying causes of such violence.

Uniting Against Gender-Based Violence for a Safer Future

This shocking act of violence highlights the urgent need for society to come together in the fight against gender-based violence. It is imperative that we unite to combat this pervasive issue and ensure the safety and well-being of individuals like Bernadette, who fall victim to such heinous acts. Change is essential to create a future free from violence and to protect the rights and dignity of all individuals.