5 Pictures That Prove Holy Ten's Baby Mama Chelsea Is Hotter Than New Wife Kim

Holy Ten’s Tlof Tlof Game Is Mediocre, Baby Mama Says 

Holy Ten’s baby mama, Chelsea Tariro Hlomayi has revealed that the rapper’s d*ck game is poor.


Holy Ten, born Mukudzei Chitsama, and Chelsea have a young child together, Mufaro. Their relationship was relatively unknown until the rapper paid lobola for his girlfriend, Kimberly Richards. Since then, their story has captured the attention of the public, and Chelsea’s recent call with socialite Queen Tatelicious has only added fuel to the fire.

On a fateful Sunday, the 19th of March, Chelsea engaged in a long and damaging call with the controversial socialite. Tatelicious revealed that Holy Ten has been neglecting his fatherly duties, leaving Chelsea to take on both parental roles. Screenshots of their conversations were also released, exposing Holy Ten’s inaction in the matter.

Despite his shortcomings, Holy Ten visited Chelsea in Chitungwiza, hoping to make amends and find common ground. However, Tatelicious later released a recorded call between her and Chelsea, revealing details about the rapper’s intimate skills.

Holy Ten Impregnated Baby Mama While Dating His Wife 
The love triangle, Kimberly, Holy Ten & Chelsea [Image: Facebook/Instagram/Holy Ten]

How Bad Is Holy Ten In Bed

Chelsea was unrelenting in her honesty, stating that there was “nothing to write home about” when it came to Holy Ten’s physical abilities. Tatelicious probed further, asking about his “d**k game,” to which Chelsea responded with a dismissive “Haaaa ma bvrrrr brrrr.”

“Tatelicious: How was his d**k?

Chelsea: Hahahaha, there’s nothing there. Zero.

Tatelicious: He has got no d**k?

Chelsea: [Laughs] He just has a big head. There is nothing to write home about.

Tatelicious: And his d**k game. Is he good?

Chelsea: Haaaa ma bvrrrr brrrr.”

The scandalous video has sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, leaving fans and industry insiders alike in disbelief. Holy Ten’s once-unblemished reputation has been tarnished by these revelations, and only time will tell how this will affect his career moving forward.

Watch The Baby Mama Speaking Of Holy Ten’s Tlof Tlof Game


By Mandisa