Holy Ten Headed For Bulawayo To Pay Lobola Holy Ten Headed For Bulawayo To Pay Lobola  [image: Instagram/Holy Ten]

Holy Ten Headed For Bulawayo To Pay Lobola 

The self-proclaimed “Father of ZimMusic”, Holy Ten appears to have made a significant decision regarding his love life. Holy Ten reportedly has plans to pay lobola for his girlfriend, Kimberly Richards, whom he has been dating for some time.

According to sources cited in H Metro, Holy Ten, whose real name is Mukudzei Chitsama, will pay lobola for Kimberly on March 4 in Bulawayo.

Kimberly is also reported to be pregnant.

When contacted for comment, Kimberly’s mother declined to share any information, citing the private nature of the matter. Similarly, Kimberly’s brother denied the allegations.

“It’s a private matter, and I cannot disclose any information. I have no comment on that,” her mother said.

Kimberly, a musician in her own right who was featured on “Too Scared” with Holy Ten, has not addressed the issue on social media, leaving her fans to wonder if the reports are true.

Ten is currently in a war of words with Winky D, whom he was quoted saying is now a spent force. In the interview, Ten also indicated that he is seeking a fresh fight with Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) party leader Nelson Chamisa.

“It cannot be like I am scared of them; they are already trying to cancel me because they think I am scared of the system,” Holy Ten says in response to Shadaya’s advise that he lets the issue rest.

“Winky D is washed out; they wanted a new voice.

“If I win this one, trust me the next person coming for me is Nelson himself.”

Winky D has not responded to the attacks.

Holy Ten argues he was tricked into the feature, which is said to criticise his funders subliminally, Scarfmore Records, reportedly owned and run by the Mnangagwas.

By Mandisa