Holy Ten and Micheal Magz's Latest Controversial Video Blueticked by Netizens[Image Credit: X]

Holy Ten and Micheal Magz’s Latest Controversial Video Blueticked by Netizens

A leaked video of hip hop clout chasers Holy Ten and Micheal Magz shooting their latest music video together caused a stir among netizens, who blueticked it. The two attention-seekers had been embroiled in a war of words during recent interviews.

Clout Chasers Clash

Micheal Magz and Ollah 7

Holy Ten and Micheal Magz had been at the center of media attention, continuously dissing and hurling insults at each other. Despite Magz suggesting in an interview with Ollah 7 that their rivalry should not be taken seriously, recent events verifies his statement.

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During the Ollah podcast interview, Magz disclosed that financial issues led to his decision to disassociate himself from Holy Ten. He revealed that he was only receiving a meager monthly payment of US$65 from Samanyanga Records, prompting his departure.

Celebrations and Revelations

WATCH: Saint Floew and Micheal Magz's Laughter Expose Holy Ten's Reign
[Image Credit: Facebook]
Shortly after the interview, a video emerged featuring Magz and Saint Floew celebrating Magz’s new car. In the video, they mocked Holy Ten, suggesting that leaving the Samanyanga Record Label did not hinder their chances of success in the industry.

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However, Holy Ten later countered this claim during an interview on the Denny J show. He asserted that he was the one who had purchased the car for Magz.

Netizens React

Winky D and Holy Ten Performing Ibotso

Unfortunately, most netizens chose to bluetick the video, particularly due to Holy Ten’s recent admission of his intention to tarnish Winky D’s reputation through creating drama.

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Last year Holy Ten featured on one of Winky D’s song ‘Ibotso‘, which was deamned political by the ruling party. In retaliation, Holy Ten aligned himself with the ruling party and began targeting Winky D with insults. However, this move has led to a decrease in Holy Ten’s relevance, while Winky D continues to be committed to addressing the socio-economic challenges faced by Zimbabweans.