'HANDIPEDZWE NENEWSPAPER': Bopela's Lies Exposed[Image Credit: Agrippa Masiyakurima Facebook]


Businessman Bopela’s lies have been finally exposed, after previously lashing out at journalists during his court appearance. Agrippa Bopela Masiyakurima pleaded guilty to defaulting on maintenance payments for his children’s school fees.

Accusations and Conspiracies

During his outburst, Masiyakurima referred to the journalists as a group of “MAFIKIZOLO.” Bopela claimed journalists were paid $200 each by his estranged wife, Abigail Marongwe, to tarnish his reputation.

“Tell those Mafikizolo journalists that handipedzwe nenewspaper. Those who are level-headed can see that this is trash,” posted Bopela.

He accused them of being part of an unholy alliance between the media and his wife.

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Venting on Facebook

Taking his frustrations to social media, Bopela expressed his dissatisfaction on Facebook.

He stated, “If you go through those screenshots, you will clearly see the poor journalists are twerking for a bowl of soup. And the $200 they each received from Abigail Marongwe.”

He further mentioned the existence of a family trust managed by his ex-wife, which collected rental money on behalf of the Bopela-Masiyakurima family.

“This Bopela here, has a family Trust that used to be managed by ex-wife Abigail. She would collect rental money from all fronts on behalf of the Bopela-Masiyakurima family,” he stated.

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Court Appearance and Ordered to Settle the Debt

Returning to court, Masiyakurima pleaded guilty to defaulting on $1,800 worth of maintenance for his children’s first term fees. Initially, the amount stood at $8,053. Through his lawyers, he presented receipts demonstrating partial payments but acknowledged the outstanding arrears, reported hmetro.

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The court ordered Masiyakurima to settle the remaining $1,800 by August 28, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling his financial obligations toward his children’s education.