Hamilton High School Teacher Charged for Punching Student Over Homework[Image Credit: Hamilton High School Facebook]

Hamilton High School Teacher Charged with Homicide for Punching Student Over Homework Dispute

Hamilton High School teacher in Bulawayo has been brought before the court on charges of culpable homicide after punching his form 2 student for failing to complete homework. Unfortunately the student passed away at a local hospital.

Teacher Pleads Not Guilty

Presented before Bulawayo regional magistrate, Vivian Ndlovu, Gcinani Nyathi (40) pleaded not guilty to the charge. However, he was remanded in custody until January 4, 2024.

According to court proceedings, Nyathi became infuriated upon noticing that one of his students, Nkosiyabo Thabethe was dozing off during his lesson. Without inquiring about the student’s well-being, Nyathi accused him of neglecting the assigned homework and allegedly launched a physical attack.

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Student’s Pleas for Help Ignored

Hamilton Haigh School Bulawayo
Hamilton Haigh School Bulawayo

Tragically, the court heard that Thabethe was actually suffering from a throbbing headache and feeling unwell. Despite the student’s cries for help, no one came to his aid. Nyathi purportedly continued to strike the boy, accusing him of disrespect.

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Student’s Condition Deteriorates

Following the assault, Thabethe remained in the classroom, sobbing and clutching his head in pain. As his condition worsened, he was urgently transported to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical attention. Regrettably, the court was informed that the boy passed away shortly after admission to the healthcare facility.

The incident was promptly reported to the police, leading to the subsequent arrest of Nyathi.

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This tragic incident highlights the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of students within educational institutions. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the student’s death, seeking justice for the grieving family.