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Gweru in Shock as Victim is Stoned and Stabbed to Death in Tuck Shop Fight

Police in Gweru have arrested Mpilwenzima Ndlovu (26), Mehluli Ndlovu (36) and Zamani Ndlovu (40) in connection with a case of murder. The incident occurred on 04/06/23 at a tuck shop at Ruby 26, according to a report from Chronicle. The suspects allegedly took turns to attack the victim, Proud Ndlovu (31) with fists, a homemade knife, and a concrete brick after an argument.

“The victim was found dead behind the tuckshop. Mpilwenzima Ndlovu had reprimanded the victim for calling him, ‘his brother-in-law’, since he had a child with the victim’s sister,” posted the police.

Pedestrian Stoned in Harare CBD

In another story, Gerald Zhuwawo was hauled to court yesterday charged with assault after allegedly stoning a pedestrian in the Harare CBD, leaving him battling for his life. Allegations are that on Sunday, the complainant was walking in town along Nelson Mandela Avenue while Zhuwawo was standing on the pavement. Zhuwawo picked up a stone and threw it at the complainant and missed. He allegedly picked up another stone and struck the complainant on the forehead, causing him to fall and start bleeding profusely. A Good Samaritan, Tichaona Mtisi, checked on the complainant before rushing to make a police report. He then helped the police apprehend Zhuwawo, who was denied bail and was remanded in custody until his next court appearance. The complainant was rushed to the hospital and is currently receiving treatment, with his condition said to be critical.