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“Uri Mukadzi Wangu”: Kambuzuma Woman Files Peace Order Against Son’s Disturbing Claims

Gertrude Savanhu, a Kambuzuma woman, has filed a peace order against her son, Tongaishe Chatukuta, whom she claims is a drug addict that assaults, insults, and threatens her with death.

Savanhu further revealed that her son disowns her and refers to her as his wife.

“He is my son and he insults me, saying I am not his mother, but his wife,” stated Gertrude.

She added that he demands the rent money collected from her tenants and steals her property to fuel his addiction.

“He is on drugs and steals my property to quench his addiction,” said Savanhu.

Previous Action Taken

Savanhu had previously reported her son to the police, and he had spent time in jail. But she remains afraid for her safety and that of her Form Three daughter, reported hmetro.

“Your Honour, I have a Form Three daughter and I am now afraid that he might do something to her when I am not around. Tongaishe should move out of my house,” stated Gertrude.

In response to these concerns, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the peace order, ordering Tongaishe to leave his mother’s home.

Family Turmoil

The case highlights the struggle some families face when dealing with drug addiction, and the consequences that can arise. It is a reminder that drug abuse can have a significant impact on family dynamics and relationships.

It is unclear what led Tongaishe to claim his mother as his wife, but his actions have caused significant distress for his mother and family.

Savanhu’s efforts to seek legal protection through the peace order are commendable, and it is hoped that her son will receive the help and support he needs to overcome his addiction and rebuild his relationship with his family.