From Companions to Catastrophe: Bulawayo Man’s Strike Ends in Best Friend’s Death

A Bulawayo man faced an unimaginable ordeal when his ill-fated endeavor to strike a fellow drinking mate led to best friend’s death.

A Deadly Misjudgment

On the fateful afternoon of September 27, Simon Moyo found himself embroiled in a heated dispute with Tafadzwa Katuwi amidst the company of their acquaintances. In an ill-conceived act, Moyo hurled a stone with the intention of hitting Katuwi, but tragically missed his target.

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Fatal Consequences

Regrettably, the unintended consequence of Moyo’s misguided action was the striking of his best friend, Busi Ncube, on the chest. The impact proved fatal, as Ncube tragically succumbed to his injuries at the scene, never making it to the hospital. A family member, who wished to remain anonymous, shared details of the incident, stating that the stone struck Ncube’s chest at close range, causing him to collapse and perish.

Investigation and Appeal for Information

Inspector Abednico Ncube

The Magwegwe Police Station opened a case of murder in light of the shocking incident. Inspector Abednico Ncube, the acting police spokesperson in Bulawayo, confirmed the tragic event and emphasized that the police are actively investigating the matter.

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Inspector Ncube appealed to the public for any information that could aid in locating the fleeing suspect. He described the sequence of events, highlighting that the stone intended for another individual struck Ncube on the left side of his chest, resulting in immediate fatality.

Call for Peaceful Resolution

In light of this deeply unfortunate incident, Inspector Ncube appealed to the public to exercise restraint and avoid resorting to violence, especially when alcohol is involved. He emphasized the importance of resolving conflicts amicably, urging individuals to seek peaceful resolutions rather than engaging in physical altercations.