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Former Senior Police Officer Accused of Forcing Drinking-Mate to Perform Oral Sex On Him

Tasvika Moyo, a former senior police officer, has been accused of aggravated indecent assault after allegedly forcing his drinking mate, Unity Mandaza, to perform oral sex on him while threatening him with a knife. Moyo pleaded not guilty to the charge before the Bulawayo regional magistrate Elisha Singano.

Sensational Defence

In his defence, Moyo claimed that on the night of the alleged assault, he was drinking with three female patrons at a hotel in Bulawayo, and Mandaza later joined them. Moyo claimed that Mandaza asked him to talk to one of the females to satisfy his sexual appetite, and Moyo agreed to charge him US$20 to drive him to a secluded place to have sex in his car. He also claimed that Mandaza promised to pay him later but never did.

False Accusation

Moyo claimed that he drove Mandaza to Tredgold Building, where Mandaza allegedly claimed that thieves had stolen his money. Moyo stated that he then drove home but was later arrested when Mandaza reported the incident to the police.

Mandaza Denying the Allegations

Unity Mandaza denied the allegations, stating that Moyo forced him to perform oral sex while threatening him with a knife. According to b-Metro, Mandaza stated:

“I met Moyo in the company of three females at a hotel situated along Lobengula Street and bought him beer till around 10pm. After that when the hotel was closed we shifted to a hotel which is situated along Jason Moyo Street, we had more booze there and later I hired a sex worker. After the sex session the hooker left. Moyo asked me to sit in the front seat. He grabbed my hand and put it on his trousers and made me feel his manhood. He forced me to suck his manhood while threatening to stab me with a knife which he was holding. I sucked it and when he was about to ejaculate, I moved my mouth away, he ejaculated on my hand.”

Judgment to be Delivered

Moyo was remanded out of custody to May 29 for judgment. The case has attracted public attention, with Zimbabweans expressing their outrage at thealleged assault and the sensational defence presented by Moyo. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of consent and the dangers of abuse of power. The court is committed to delivering justice and ensuring that perpetrators of such crimes are held accountable for their actions.