Former Dynamos and Caps United footballer Ronald 'Rooney' Chitiyo Forced to Pay More in Child Support[Image Credit: Ronald Chitiyo Facebook]

Former Dynamos and Caps United footballer Ronald ‘Rooney’ Chitiyo Forced to Pay More in Child Support

Former Dynamos and Caps United football star, Ronald ‘Rooney’ Chitiyo, has been ordered to pay more the amount for child support of his son. Chitiyo’s ex-lover, Eneresi Alfasi, filed for an upward maintenance review at the Harare Civil Court.

Maintenance Payments Increased

Previously, Chitiyo had been paying US$60 per month for the child’s support. However, following the court hearing, he will now have to pay US$120 monthly. The increased amount is intended to cover the child’s medical bills and general welfare.

Child’s Medical Needs Ignored

During the proceedings, Eneresi Alfasi expressed concern over their seven-year-old child’s medical needs. She revealed that despite a previous court order to include their child on Chitiyo’s medical aid, he had failed to do so.

“Our seven-year-old child is in need of medical attention and the last time we were here, he was ordered to put him on his medical aid, but he didn’t do it,” said Eneresi.

Neglect Allegations Against Chitiyo

Eneresi accused Chitiyo of neglecting their child, highlighting his career as a soccer player and his alleged financial capacity. She emphasized that Chitiyo had the means to support their son but had failed to fulfill his responsibilities.

“He is a soccer player, your Worship, and there is no doubt that he is making money, but neglecting his own child,” said Eneresi.

Court Supports Upward Variation

Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini granted Eneresi’s application for an upward variation in default, reported hmetro. The court recognized the child’s needs and upheld the importance of adequate support from both parents.

Eneresi Advocates for Single Mothers’ Rights

Following the court’s decision, Eneresi expressed her gratitude to the court and encouraged other single mothers to stand up for their rights. She emphasized the importance of seeking legal assistance when necessary to ensure the well-being of their children.