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PSL delivers blow to fans: Alcohol banned at soccer stadiums

Soccer fans across the country have been dealt a blow as the Premier Soccer League (PSL) has announced that alcohol will no longer be permitted at any of the stadiums until clubs meet certain requirements. This decision comes after the league gave clubs the green light to sell alcohol at their home grounds two months ago, pending the fulfilment of specific conditions. However, no team has been able to meet all of the required criteria, according to PSL spokesperson Kudzai Bare.

“Fans are not allowed to bring in alcohol. Clubs were given the conditions they need to meet before they start to sell alcohol. They should have lease agreements with the stadium (authorities) they want to sell at and also a liquor license. None of the clubs has met all the required conditions, so far,” Bare explained.

Banning alcohol sales will decrease the number of spectators

While some analysts believe that the availability of alcohol at the stadiums has been a significant factor in drawing more fans back to the stadiums, others have concerns about the impact of the ban. “Banning the consumption of alcohol again, while waiting for processes to be fulfilled, will lead to a decrease in the number of spectators,” said an analyst.


Clubs must meet specific requirements

H-Metro reports that according to a statement released by the PSL in March, clubs were advised to secure written permission from stadium owners for the sale of alcohol. They were also required to obtain amended lease agreements that allow the sale of alcohol, police clearance from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), and liquor licenses from the Liquor Licensing Board. Additionally, clubs had to indicate where the alcohol would be sold at the stadium. Permission would only be granted to clubs that fulfilled all of the above requirements.

Fans caught bringing alcohol into the stadiums face security issues

Although the league has allowed alcohol sales in the past, PSL officials have now expressed concerns about fans bringing alcohol into the stadiums. “It’s quite unfortunate that we are experiencing that and we have been having security issues concerning that,” said Bare.