Fans Fear for Thomas Mapfumo's Health as Video Raises Concerns About Chimurenga Icon[Image Credit: Nehanda Radio]

Fans Fear for Thomas Mapfumo’s Health as Video Raises Concerns About Chimurenga Icon

In a recent video of Chimurenga superstar Thomas Mapfumo being helped onto the stage at a Greatest Hits show in Leicester has raised concerns about his health. This video has sparked conversations about Mapfumo’s health and the impact of his iconic Chimurenga music genre. While there is no constitution stipulating that a musician should retire at a particular age, there are valid reasons why Thomas Mapfumo’s fans should be concerned about his health as age catches up with him.

Mapfumo’s Last Show in Zimbabwe and Future Performances

Thomas Mapfumo, before his Leicester City’s show, stated that his last show will be in Zimbabwe. Although he did not mention the actual date, he cited that he is waiting for Zimbabwe to be totally independent for him to come and perform. It is worth noting that Zimbabwe will hold its 2023 harmonized elections in August. Additionally, Mapfumo mentioned that he will soon host shows in South Africa and Zambia.

The Significance of Chimurenga Music and Grammy Awards

Chimurenga music, pioneered by Thomas Mapfumo, holds great significance in Zimbabwean culture. It is a genre that emerged during the liberation war of the 1960s and 1970s. Chimurenga music served as a platform for expressing grievances against leaders. The word “Chimurenga” is derived from the name of Murenga, an early ancestor and warrior of the Shona people.

It is worth noting that Mapfumo’s music has not only had a profound impact within Zimbabwe but has also gained recognition internationally. The significance of Chimurenga music was further highlighted when it was recognized in the Grammy Awards. This recognition speaks to the global influence and appeal of Mapfumo’s music.


Thomas Mapfumo’s health has sparked concerns among fans, but his contributions to Chimurenga music and Zimbabwean culture cannot be overstated. While his last show in Zimbabwe’s date remains unknown, fans will continue to celebrate his music and cultural impact.