Explosive Mutare Scandal: Small House Demands Jaw-Dropping US$15,000 from Late Lover's Widow Following His Mysterious DeathImage Credit: Manicapost

Explosive Mutare Scandal: Small House Demands Jaw-Dropping US$15,000 from Late Lover’s Widow Following His Mysterious Death

Ms Rophia Makamba, the small house at the centre of a real-life drama surrounding the death of Mutare socialite, Mr Blessing Mawaraidzo, is demanding $15,000 from his estate. Rophia believes that her lover’s death was not a natural cause. She is insisting that the money Mawaraidzo was holding at the time of his death is entitled to her.

Controversial death of Mutare socialite

Mr Mawaraidzo passed away at his rented Bordervale house in Mutare on June 6, sparking rumours in social circles about the cause of his death. The late Mr Mawaraidzo’s girlfriend, Ms Rophia Makamba, believes that there is more to his death than natural causes.

Legal battle for money and character assassination

Nasty exchanges between Mr Mawaraidzo’s widow, Mrs Joice Mawaraidzo, and Ms Makamba have spilt into the courts of law. Joice Mawaraidzo is applying for a peace order against the small house. Mrs Mawaraidzo denies any knowledge of the $15,000 that Makamba claims. She accused the samll house of threatening, harassing, and provoking her for no reasonable cause.

Small House’s denial of rumours

Ms Makamba denies rumours that Mr Mawaraidzo’s death was linked to a money-spinning ritual that they had joined. She also denies claims that she is trying to tarnish Mrs Mawaraidzo’s image and that her late lover was poorer than she was.

Ms Makamba’s suspicion regarding Mr Mawaraidzo’s death

Ms Makamba believes that there is more to Mr Mawaraidzo’s death than natural causes and has questioned why he was not in his bedroom at the time of his death. She also raised the possibility of poisoning since he had spent the later part of that Monday in Mutare.