Drama Over Lorraine Guyo's Valentine's GiftDrama Over Lorraine Guyo's Valentine's Gift (Image Credit: Lorraine Guyo Production-Chihera

Drama Over Lorraine Guyo’s Valentine’s Gift, Rightful Owner Claims The Car

Reports flying around are suggesting that the car Lorraine Guyo received for Valentines Day may belong to the wife of her married lover.

According to H-metro, an unidentified woman contacted the publication claiming to be the rightful owner of the car. She said her husband had taken it under the pretence that he was going to fix a mechanical issue.

She also said that she was shocked to see the car displayed as Lorraine’s, with fresh license plates. In order to avoid domestic violence, the woman chose not to expose her spouse, though it had caused her and her family great distress.

When asked for her opinion, Lorraine acknowledged that the woman had called her regarding the car but stated that as a celebrity, she can receive gifts from both men and women. 

She explained that she was not sure if the claims were true or if it was an attempt to create trouble.

“I received a call from a woman who identified herself as the spouse of the individual who gave me the car, Lorraine recalled.

“As a celebrity, men or women can give me gifts, some hand them to me for donations. I’m not sure if her statements are accurate or if she just wants to stir up trouble.

This comes shortly after Guyo sent an appreciation message to her ex-lovers for leading her to her current boyfriend, who gifted her a car as valentine’s gift.

I would like to thank All my EXs for disappointing me. You really mean a lot to me, guys.

It’s a Valentine’s Day to remember indeed.
So of lately been doing my Photoshoot to Market flowers and clothes for my Valentine’s content.
And last night you decided to give me the surprise of my life. 
Aaaaah guys my photographer can keep secrets ndati iiiiii.

Drama Over Lorraine Guyo’s Valentine’s Gift, Rightful Owner Claims The Car

By Mandisa