Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice  Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice 

Church Caretaker (42) Nabbed For Kidnapping & Raping Girl (15) For 48 Days 

In a shocking revelation that has sent waves of horror and disbelief through the community, a church caretaker has been accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl for a harrowing 48-day period. The accused, Mkhululi Ndlovu, aged 42, appeared before the Bulawayo regional magistrate, Dambudzo Malunga, where he faced two counts of rape and kidnapping. Despite the weight of evidence against him, Ndlovu pleaded not guilty to both counts and was remanded in custody until March 28.

According to the prosecution, B-metro reports, on 8 November 2022, Ndlovu allegedly accosted the teenage girl near her home in the Nkulumane suburb. The caretaker reportedly held a knife to her throat and forced her to inhale a white powder that was suspected to be the drug crystal meth, which is known locally as guka or mutoriro.

Church Caretaker (42) Nabbed For Raping Girl (15) For 48 Days 
Church Caretaker (42) Nabbed For Raping Girl (15) For 48 Days

It is alleged that the frightened girl immediately fell unconscious after inhaling the powder. When she awoke the next morning, she was naked in Ndlovu’s house, with the same white powder lying on the bed beside her. She told the court that Ndlovu would force her to inhale the powder, causing her to feel drowsy and then unconscious. Each time she woke up, she would find signs that she had been sexually assaulted and used condoms strewn on the floor.

The victim stated that Ndlovu would lock her in the house whenever he went out, leaving her with no means of escape. She was finally able to flee when Ndlovu asked her to accompany him to a house in Old Lobengula suburb to buy drugs. While Ndlovu was occupied with the purchase, the girl seized her chance and ran to the police station, where she reported the horrific incident.

Ndlovu was later arrested at the church premises, where he worked as a caretaker. The shocking nature of the crime has left the community reeling, and many are calling for swift and severe punishment for Ndlovu if he is found guilty. For the victim, the trauma of the ordeal will likely take a lifetime to overcome.

By Mandisa