Chitungwiza Pastor Who Married 21-Year-Old Congregant After Dumping Wife Of 18-Years Arrested For Fraud[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Chitungwiza Pastor in Fraud Scandal After Marrying Young Congregant

The leader of Ebenezer Prophetic Ministries in Chitungwiza, Pastor Ezekiel Masiyandima, has been arrested and charged with fraud. Masiyandima made headlines earlier this year when he left his wife of 18 years to marry a 21-year-old congregant, Melania Madamombe. Now, he is in trouble with the law for selling a non-existent stand in Epworth to a church member for US$2 500.

A Shocking Scandal

Masiyandima’s decision to marry a young member of his church divided the congregation, with some accusing him of breaking the holy vows of marriage. Despite this, the pastor went ahead with his decision to leave his wife, Portia Chiwanga, who had accused him of witchcraft following the mysterious deaths of three of their children.



Chitungwiza Pastor Who Married 21-Year-Old Congregant After Dumping Wife Of 18-Years Arrested For Fraud
[Image Credit: H-Metro]

Fraud Charges

H-Metro reports that according to police sources, Masiyandima allegedly sold a stand in Epworth to a church member, but when the purchaser visited the site, they found that a structure had already been built on the stand. This led to the pastor’s arrest and subsequent fraud charge.

The pastor was expected to appear in court over the weekend after being arrested on Thursday. This incident has brought the pastor’s character into question once again, with some congregants saying that they are not surprised by the allegations.

The pastor has not yet made any public statements regarding his arrest.

Words from the Accuser

The complainant in the case against Masiyandima visited the site in Epworth and discovered that someone else had already built a structure on the stand. According to reports, the congregant had paid US$2 500 for the stand.

This incident has shocked many, and some congregants have voiced their opinions on social media. One person wrote, “He left his wife for a young girl, and now he’s been arrested for fraud. This is not a man of God.”

Another person said, “This is not a surprise. We all knew something like this would happen sooner or later.”

The arrest of Pastor Ezekiel Masiyandima has shocked many in the Chitungwiza community. With fraud charges now hanging over his head, it remains to be seen how the pastor will respond to these allegations.