Chinhoyi Man Arrested for Murdering Wife After Catching Her in Bed with Boyfriend[mage Credit: Facebook]

Chinhoyi Man Arrested for Murdering Wife After Catching Her in Bed with Boyfriend

A 50-year-old man from Chinhoyi was arrested  after a week on the run for murdering his wife after he caught her sleeping with her boyfriend in their marital bed.

The Horrific Crime

According to reports, Bwanali Bwanado found his wife with her boyfriend in their marital bed, which led to a violent altercation. He fatally stabbed her 41-year-old wife, Chioneso Ephraim. After committing the heinous act, Bwanado fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of terror.

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Capture and Investigation

Initial reports suggested that Bwanado might have fled the country. However, law enforcement authorities managed to track him down at a farm in Musengi. Following his arrest, Bwanado cooperated with detectives and led them to the crime scene, providing crucial evidence.

Court Appearance and Remand

Bwanado appeared in court yesterday, facing charges related to the murder of his wife. He was remanded in custody pending further legal proceedings.

Harare Man Scammed in Residential Stand Deal

In another shocking incident, a Harare man Steven Gandiwa (35) fell victim to a fraudulent residential stand deal, resulting in the loss of US$18,500. The scam, orchestrated by Polo Kauma from Ashdown Park, unfolded in March 2021, leaving Steven in financial ruin.

Deception and Payment

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Polo Kauma deceived Steven by claiming ownership of a residential stand in Tynwald and offering it for sale. Believing the falsehood, Steven paid the full sum in cash to secure the stand.

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Ownership Dispute and Demolition

After developing the property, Steven faced an unexpected setback when Keddy Mushangwe claimed legal ownership of the land. Efforts to contact Polo Kauma proved futile, as he had become unreachable. As a result, the house that Steven had built on the land was demolished.

Appeal for Information

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, urged the public to come forward with any information that could lead to the arrest of Polo Kauma.


Chioneso Ephraim’s brutal death shocked Chinhoyi and nearby regions. Similar cases, like the recent H-Metro report of a UK woman murdered by her husband, highlight the rising trend of spousal killings.