Bulawayo Satanism Case Takes a Dark and Disturbing New Turn![Image Credit: B-Metro]

Bulawayo Satanism Case Takes a Dark and Disturbing New Turn!

The alleged Satanism incident that occurred at St Peters village on the outskirts of Bulawayo last month has taken a new twist. The victim, Agnes Moyo, was left paralysed after teenagers allegedly broke into her house and scared her before stealing money from her bag.

Family Accused of Witchcraft Terrorizes St Peter’s Village

Residents of St Peter’s Village on the outskirts of Bulawayo are living in fear after a family was accused of practicing witchcraft. The family is accused of terrorizing the community, leaving several members with mysterious illnesses and injuries.

Family living in fear

The family woke up to a disturbing scene of coarse salt and itchy bodies. They said they were living in fear and were tired of the constant attacks, reported bmetro.

“We are tired of being traumatised by that family and we no longer feel safe in the community. On Monday, we found coarse salt in our yard,” stated Agnus’s granddaughter. “Our bodies were itchy, am not sure if they poured some concoctions on us during the night.”

Protest planned against accused family

Dorcas Moyo, the victim’s granddaughter, said they were planning a protest against the accused family to curb the consistent attacks.

“As youths, we have thought of protesting against the family as our lives are now in danger,” said Moyo. The challenges that we are facing are that there are a number of people with mixed feelings with regard to the idea of protesting.” 

However, many people are scared of interacting or even looking at the homestead of the accused persons.

Grandmother’s condition unchanged

Moyo said her grandmother’s condition had not changed. She was still facing the same predicament that was as a result of the three teenagers. The family is facing challenges with diapers and medication as they cannot afford to buy these due to the high costs.

Fear of family’s safety

Moyo said they fear that the continuous attacks might be plans to eliminate the whole family. The family of the accused teenagers could not be reached for comment.