65 Year Old Father Molests 15 Year Old Daughter Repeatedly, Threatens Suicide if Rejected!!Image Credit-Free Stock Photos

Budiriro Nightmare: Teenage Girl Held Captive and Molested by Father’s Tenant!!

A Budiriro teenage girl(14), endured a traumatic three day order when she was allegedly molest by his father’s tenant Patrick Maravanyika(21). Patrick was assisted by his wife Tamari Hurekure(19). The incident took place on Africa Day, leaving the community in shock.


Tamari reportedly pressured the young girl to have sex with her husband, leading to the assault. The victim’s father revealed Tamari’s role in the crime, stating that

“Tamari was said to have persuaded my daughter to have sexual intercourse with her husband, but she refused.”


Patrick and Tamari allegedly took the victim to an unknown location in Budiriro where Patrick raped her while Tamari held her hands. H-Metro reported that, the girl’s father shared the traumatic details, saying,

“At around 8pm, Patrick hired a vehicle to ferry his wife and my daughter to Budiriro CABS to attend a church service. Instead of going to church, they went to an unknown address in Budiriro CABS where Patrick’s friend, Peter Gundu, resides. Peter was not present when they arrived”

“My daughter told me that they all entered the house and Patrick demanded sex from my daughter. He fondled my daughter’s breasts in the presence of his wife. Patrick raped my daughter with the assistance of Tamari, who held my daughter’s hands while he raped her without protection.”


Both Patrick and Tamari were arrested, and the victim received medical attention. However, Tamari is still at large.


The victim’s father expressed his pain and anguish over the incident, stating, “I trusted Tamari, and she betrayed my trust by aiding in the rape of my daughter.”


The incident has caused outrage in the community,with many demanding justice and an end to sexual violence. A local resident expressed their frustration, saying, “We need to take a stand against sexual violence and protect our women and children.”