Acie Lumumba's Surprising Endorsement Shakes Up Political Landscape for Nelson Chamisa[Image Credit: #ThePeoplesChampion Twitter]

Acie Lumumba’s Surprising Endorsement Shakes Up Political Landscape for Nelson Chamisa

Self-proclaimed People’s Champion, Acie Lumumba’s surprising public endorsement for Advocate Nelson Chamisa, the presidential candidate of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), ahead of the upcoming harmonized elections, shakes Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

A Personal Encounter with Humility

Lumumba shared a personal encounter with Chamisa after being released from the hospital. He expressed his surprise when he arrived home to find Chamisa waiting at his gate without his security team. Lumumba stated that this act touched him deeply.

“The day I left hospital and travelled home, I found him parked outside my gate waiting for me without security in a tinted private car. Before my family, friends, pastor or my Cde’s,” stated Lumumba.

According to Lumumba, he asked Chamisa why he had visited without security despite their political differences.

Lumumba quoted Chamisa as saying, “You are my young brother, I do not need security around me to see you.”

Chamisa’s response revealed the humility and compassion he possesses.

A Moment of Unity and Prayer

Before leaving Lumumba’s residence, Chamisa called upon Lumumba’s staff and their children to join him in prayer.

“I still had a family then. Before he left my house, he called my staff and their children. He led the home in prayer before he departed,” stated Lumumba.

Chamisa’s Heart for Zimbabweans

Lumumba concluded his endorsement by expressing his belief that Chamisa is the real joker in the upcoming election. He emphasized Chamisa’s heartfelt concern for the people of Zimbabwe and his admiration for Chamisa’s love and dedication.

“I could go on and on, moral of the point is we don’t talk enough about how after all is said and done. Nelson Chamisa is a people person, as in he really really has a heart for people. He is the joker, I’m not even MDC, so imagine the love he has for those one,” stated Lumumba.

Reactions From Netizens


They don’t want to hear that. They are afraid of light. Thank you for speaking the truth. He is a clean person. More than the Word. Havadi chokwadi. Vajaira zverima. Humbavha, hiroyi nehutsinye. Already they will hate you for your confession. It will stand . God is faithful.


that’s kind of you to say this but why then do you diss him every now and again – to please your paymasters?
the other time u had a funeral in yr household he was there then with no time u was dissing him again !


Politics of rational disputation


Ubunthu above all is the Key. You are not vene vayo but a Zimbabwean


He’s a true statesman. My kind of president not that one you support(ed).


I remember the support and speech he gave at your mums funeral, he is a really good person