Acie Lumumba and Estranged Wife Child Custody Battle Turns Nasty 

Acie Lumumba and Estranged Wife Child Custody Battle Turns Nasty

Acie Lumumba, the controversial social media personality and businessman, is embroiled in a nasty child custody battle with his estranged wife, Lilian “Lee” Madyara. The two have made allegations against each other, with Lilian seeking full child custody and accusing Lumumba of abandonment and forcefully taking their son away from her.

Lumumba has denied all of Lilian’s accusations and took to social media to voice his concerns. He stated that Lilian is tarnishing his name and brand by spreading lies about him. Lumumba confirmed that he will be challenging and disproving all of her allegations when they meet in court.

Lumumba’s Responses to the Allegations

Lumumba revealed that he spent $300K building a dream home for Lilian only for her to cheat on him with two of his friends when he was battling cancer. In a lengthy social media post, Lumumba wrote,

“The agenda against me is singular, to separate me from my son, all the images & footage she is leaking to the public is to try claim I’m unwell to care for our son; it’s so unfair & humiliating; but let me respond to this accusation list & we shall meet them in court.

“I was not aware the relationship was even over, while on holiday in December with my family, my sons mother informed me of a new relationship she was in with her new lover who happens to be a friend of mine. It was a devastating couple of days I had no idea our relationship was at that point over.”


He also denied forcefully taking their son away from Lilian, explaining that both of them escorted her to the airport, and she agreed to return in two weeks. He further stated that he has evidence that he was the one who begged Lilian to spend Christmas with them because their son missed her terribly. Lumumba also stated that he had begged her to spend time with their son and holidayed together.

In addition, Lumumba dismissed Lilian’s accusation that he abused her and his son, saying he has never slapped his child. He also promised to challenge Lilian’s mother to a lie detector test to verify his claims.

“She says I have abused her? I have never eat slapped my child, this is such slander and designed to ruin my brand. I have treated this girl like royalty, and what was the reason I abused her again? Did anyone get that part?

“Apart from having never been to her “mothers house”. I will call the mother to a lie detector and hear this from her.

Acie Lumumba Cries Foul As Child Custody Battle Turns Nasty
Acie Lumumba and Lee Madyara in happier times [Image: Instagram/Acie Lumumba]

Lilian’s Allegations

Lilian’s application at the Magistrate’s Court seeks full child custody, accusing Lumumba of abandoning her for another woman, forcefully taking their son away from her, and locking their son in the house. She also claimed that Lumumba’s business was not in the best interest of their child, and he was not taking proper care of him.

Lilian’s lawyer also stated that Lumumba had not enrolled their son in any school, which was part of their agreement. She revealed that their son was suffering from bad health and sores in his mouth after being locked up for days in Lumumba’s house. However, Lumumba dismissed these allegations as ridiculous and bizarre, stating that he had two full-time nannies and a nurse to take care of their child.

“I’m not sure when she found the child in bad health and sores in his mouth, she says I locked my own son in a house. Bizarre, the child has 2 full time nanny’s and a nurse. I challenge her to show me the medical reports.

“I will provide the evidence of her being the lease holder of our residence in South Africa. She says my business is not in the best interest of the minor- how ridiculous. My business is how she has clothes and fed herself since I met her.”


The child custody battle between Lumumba and Lilian has become a public spectacle, with both parties accusing each other of wrongdoing. While the court will determine the validity of the allegations, it’s essential to keep the child’s best interests in mind. A fair and just verdict in the custody battle will ensure that the child’s well-being is not compromised.

By Mandisa