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Anti-Feminist Shadaya Knight Tawona Criticizes Simba Chikore for Lack of Self-Respect

Controversial Zimbabwean social media personality and self-proclaimed anti-feminist Shadaya Knight Tawona has blasted Bona Mugabe’s estranged husband Simba Chikore for lacking pride and self-respect. Shadaya accused former President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law of being a parasite and a gold digger.

Simba Chikore has made headlines recently for his ongoing divorce proceedings with Bona Mugabe, daughter of the late Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe. In his legal papers, Simba has demanded half of the properties which the couple acquired as gifts and inheritance following their nuptials. Simba listed an astounding 25 residential properties as well as 22 farms which he is demanding a share of.

As the divorce proceedings continue to unravel, Shadaya took to Twitter to call out Simba, and he didn’t hold back. “Fellas, regardless of how the supposed wealth was acquired, don’t ever be like this shameless man,” he wrote. “Never fight for anything that you didn’t sweat for, this man right here is an embarrassment to manhood, a gold digger, feminine behavior, women’s modus operandi.”

Shadaya’s Tweets have garnered a lot of attention, with many people agreeing with her sentiments. The outspoken social media personality went on to give some advice to men. “As a man, you must have pride, and that pride should never allow you to live under a roof that isn’t under your name or pay rent to – better to sleep under a bridge than to be accommodated by a woman,” he wrote. “How are you even the head of the house, a house you don’t have any claim to?”

Shadaya’s advice continued, “Never be fed by a woman, she isn’t your mother, where is your pride as a man to go and hunt for your own food? A woman who feeds you will never respect you; she’ll view you as her son, not a man. Better to eat from the bin than to eat from a woman’s kitchen whose food you didn’t buy. Never be clothed by a woman, better to wear rugs than to wear designers she bought you. This is the pride that you must have as a man, never be a dependent on a woman. Always operate in the masculine frame; you’re a man, a provider, not the other way round.”

Shadaya went on to suggest that men should build themselves up in both wealth and status, so whichever woman comes into their life gets to fight to inherit whatever comes with their name, not the other way round. “It’s embarrassing to fight for a share of wealth from a woman, beyond disgusting,” he wrote.

Simba’s situation has sparked a conversation on social media about the nature of relationships and the importance of self-respect. While some have criticized Shadaya for being too harsh, others have applauded her for speaking her mind.

Simba has not yet responded to Shadaya’s criticism or the divorce proceedings. However, with this story continuing to develop, it’s sure to be a topic of discussion for weeks to come.