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64-year-old Church Leader’s Shocking Marriage to a 17-Year-Old Girl! Sparks Outrage in Zimbabwe!

A 64-year-old Gospel of God Apostolic Church leader has defended his decision to marry an alleged 17-year-old girl. Francis Elizara Nedewedzo, has taken a teenager church member as his second wife, despite criticism from members of his congregation.

Controversy Surrounding the Marriage

The union has caused uproar among some members of the church, with a picture of Nedewedzo and the teenage girl circulating widely on social media. Nedewedzo took action against the church member who posted the picture. He is claiming that some senior church members were behind the attack, reported hmetro.

“It is true that I married a younger woman. She is not 17 as reported, but 19, uye imvana inotori nemwana wayo,” stated Nedewedzo.

Defending His Decision

Nedewedzo defended his decision to marry the younger woman, stating that his first wife had passed away and that he had married another wife before taking the teenage girl as his second wife.

“My first wife passed away and I married another wife and this younger woman is my second wife. I married her some months ago. But our senior church members are the ones tarnishing me since I am the vice-chairperson of the church, evangelist as well as village head,” stated Nedewedzo.

He also stated that he and his wives are living peacefully together, although it is not a requirement for church members to have multiple wives.

Not a Church Doctrine

Nedewedzo clarified that it is not a church doctrine to have multiple wives, and that the church’s focus is on growing its membership through preaching the word, not through birth.

“It is not church doctrine to have many wives, and it is not a sin to have many,” stated Madzibaba. We believe in growing membership through preaching the word not through birth.”

Criticism and Discipline

Nedewedzo’s marriage has caused controversy, with the person who posted the picture facing disciplinary action. Despite being able to take legal action, Nedewedzo did not due to their relation.